ecological solutions

We are experts in the ecological processing, recycling, energy recovery
and disposal of all types of waste.

We provide comprehensive waste management outsourcing, including legislation
and consultation in all areas of ecology and waste management.

Sustainable solutions
for the needs of your business

We ensure the secondary use of non-hazardous and hazardous waste.
We are continuously developing our recycling activities and we provide a wide range
of tailored solutions for the sustainable development of your business.

We reduce the consumption of primary sources by returning the acquired materials back
to the processing industry and reducing the costs of waste management.

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Pražská 600
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Tel: +420 318 592 671

About our company

We take care of any type of waste

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Comprehensive waste management solutions

We provide ecological processing, recycling, energy recovery and disposal of all types of other and hazardous waste including comprehensive waste management outsorcing, environmental consulting and legislation. We have been providing our services to industrial companies, cities, municipalities, water services and healthcare sector since 1994.

We have a wealth of experience, modern technical and technological background. We strive for zero waste concept, secondary utilization of waste and we have been continuously developing facilities for waste processing a recycling throughout the Czech Republic. Our qualified team of experts will always take care of clean, ecological, and safe waste management. Read more about what we can do for you or get in touch with us directly.