Medical waste

We provide waste management for hospitals and medical facilities

We take care of medical waste from hospitals and other medical facilities. From collection, transport and decontamination to energy recovery. We prepare collection points for sorting medical waste in your facility, and we ensure collection, logistics and decontamination in our certified facility. The medical waste is no longer considered as hazardous waste after decontamination, and we ensure its energy recovery. For this, we provide all of the relevant legislative activities and communication with the authorities. You will be given a completed registration form for waste management before transportation of waste, waste registration will be provided, and annual report will be sent to the authorities at the end of the year.

Service includes

  • Provision of collection containers
  • Waste collection
  • Transport of medical waste
  • Processing of medical waste in a certified facility
  • Production of alternative fuel and energy recovery
  • Overseeing the related legislative activities
  • Shredding of medical records
  • Consulting

We provide comprehensive waste management solutions to faculty hospitals, nursing homes and other health care facilities.