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25th Purum anniversary

  • 2019

    A quarter of a century of comprehensive waste management solutions

    Since 1994, we have been helping our customers with the ecological reuse, recycling, energy processing and careful disposal of all types of waste. We assume all responsibilities for you and provide outsourcing of waste management including the related legislation and consultancy. We design, implement and operate wastewater treatment plants and sewage treatment facilities. Our over 200 professionals provide you with 30 neutralization, demulsification and recycling facilities throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia, supply liquid chemicals to your businesses across Europe, from which they remove waste for ecological processing. The quality of our services is supported in the framework of the PURUM KRAFT Group by innovative recycling procedures and technologies based on our own research, development and accredited laboratories.
  • 2018

    We actively protect the Czech landscape

    If we all don’t start, then who will?
    We have never been a fan of landfilling; we have always preferred secondary waste recovery. In addition to recycling waste materials, we also clean up illegal dumps as part of the voluntary cleaning action Ukliďme svět, ukliďme Česko (Let’s Clean the World, Let’s Clean the Czech Republic). We pedal for miles with colleagues in the framework of the initiative Do práce na kole (To Work by Bike). In the Ministry of Industry and Trade project Přeměna odpadů na zdroje (Transforming Waste into a Source), we rewarded innovative projects that work with secondary raw materials, save primary resources and make the Earth a better place to live. In collaboration with Nadací Ivana Dejmala pro ochranu přírody (The Ivan Dejmal Foundation for Nature Conservation), we support extremely important biodiversity for the long-term, natural and healthy existence of beautiful Czech forests.

  • 2017

    We help companies and industrial enterprises, cities and municipalities, the health sector and small independent business owners

    Purely ecological solutions to waste and water services tailored to the needs of our customers
  • 2016

    We invest into the future

    A ban on landfilling of untreated municipal waste in the Czech Republic comes into force and we invest in the thermal recovery of waste. In addition to our own facility in Kolín, we become a supplier of waste to energy recovery facilities in Prague, Brno, Liberec as well as in Plzeň. We reduce the environmental impacts and costs of our customers reduce the water content of carwash sludge and oil traps using innovative technologies prior to processing. We remediate hundreds of tons of hazardous waste from the former oilfield in Lovosice and successfully complete the recultivation of the Chotyně landfill.
  • 2015

    We recycle and teach how to recycle

    We further develop your recycling activities and open one of the most state-of-the-art PET plastic recycling lines in the Czech Republic. Waste PET bottles are transformed into a reusable and highly valued raw material, so-called PET flakes. We also teach how to recycle at major industrial companies such as Panasonic, Škoda auto and ITW Pronovia, as part of our comprehensive waste management services.
  • 2014

    We have been operating on the market for 20 years and our motto Waste to Resource significantly increases to Waste to Energy

    To mark 20 years on the market, we push through with our specialization in energy production projects and open our facilities in Mníšek pod Brdy and Staré Město

    20 years

  • 2013

    Purely ecological solutions for all types of waste

    We modernize our technologies in the area of the recycling and regranulation of plastics and return used plastics from the automotive industry mand more back into production. We increase investments into the stabilization of hazardous waste. We begin significant long-term remediation of the consequences of oil and gas mining in a protected area of natural water accumulation (CHOPAV).
  • 2011

    One of the largest fleets of specialized vehicles in the Czech Republic takes care of customers all over Europe

    We deliver and transport large amounts of chemicals to diverse businesses across Europe, where they become waste during production, which we then collect and ecologically process at Purum’s facilities

    More than 100 experts at your service


  • 2009

    We pass the magical number of 30 Purum facilities

    We operate recycling centers, sorting lines, neutralization and demulsification facilities and we add facilities for the use of liquid flammable waste
  • 2008

    We significantly strengthen our team in Moravia

    Purum s.r.o. operations in Moravia grow significantly, strengthening its team and fleet
  • 2007

    We become a member of the PURUM KRAFT group and we offer comprehensive and tailored solutions to meet your needs

    A group of purely Czech companies that provide a wide portfolio of environmental services and products, environmental protection and related activities - water and waste management, energetics, construction and transport

    Environmental remediation transcends the boundary of the Czech Republic

    We begin our business operations abroad, removing environmental liabilities in the form of dangerous asbestos in Germany and we begin remedial work at the historically most extensive remediation of liabilities damage at the Aircraft Kunovice site
  • 2006

    Waste to Resource

    We constantly develop our recycling activities, this time for the treatment of medical waste. We create a new product from hazardous waste that meets all input requirements for alternative fuel, which is a qualitatively equivalent substitute to non-renewable fuel
  • 2005

    We operate throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia

    Through Purum s.r.o. and Purum SK s.r.o.
  • 2002

    We help during floods

    Purum and its suction tanker help with the devastating floods in Prague and other cities in the Czech Republic
  • 2000

    Highly specialized fleet

    The first truck for collecting liquid wastes based on the ADR standard marks the beginning of one of the largest fleets of these vehicles in the Czech Republic
  • 1999

    Waste management and environmental remediation

    Demolition and remediation of the former site of Liberty Mělník
  • 1998

    We protect the environment

    Remediation of environmental liabilities from hazardous substances, ŠKODA PLZEŇ
  • 1996

    Purely ecological solutions

    Our domain is comprehensive environmental services, in which waste becomes a resource and is directed towards sustainable environmental development
  • 1994

    Establishment of Purum s.r.o.

    13th of December 1994
    Creation of NOVA Petrol III. - Luňák, spol. s r.o., today’s Purum s.r.o.